Behnam Ghasemi signs a contract with ParsiPowder

behnam ghasemi

Behnam Ghasemi signs a contract with ParsiPowder

ParsiPowder products are being used by a vast majority of athletes, and baseball players are not an exception.

Today we are proud to welcome Behnam Ghasemi, AKA Baseball Golden Boy to our team.Baseball Rookie of the year,MVP and currently playing for The Tehran Teyf and Iran National Baseball team,these are a small part of Behnam Ghasemi’s accomplishments in baseball in only two years!

and he is a fan of our WHEY Protein.

About Behnam

behnam ghasemi was born in 2001 in Hamedan,his father is a high school teacher and a former futsal player.his father tried to build a football player out of him but he showed more interest in swimming and taekwondo.according to behnam he didn’t know that there is a minor baseball team in his hometown and when he accidently met Behzad Varshavian,HMD Falcons coach,Behnam immediately dropped everything and begin training with Falcons

He become a fix-in-lineup player after only six month of training due to his extraordinary talent in baseball”-Behzad Varshavian”

The Big Leagues

behnam ghasemi

Behnam Ghasemi than joined Isfahan Baseball,His first major team,with a one year contract.a contract that Isfahan’s Baseball manager wished to be longer but behnam left Isfahan and joined Tehran’s Teyf,he signed a three year contract with our capital city team.the details of this contract was confidential but after one year it got leaked and it was clear that behnam ghasemi was the most expensive baseball player in iran.

his salary and privileges were never given to any other players in iran.

that started a crises in Teyf and other teams which ended with some changes in other players contract but behnam ghasemi is still highest paid baseball player in iran,a payment that according baseball faces he well deserved

Why Him?

.well,we all know why but let’s take a look at this young man’s resume

 !First of all he plays a game usually played by guys older than him and the interesting part is he plays it better than them behnam is not only the youngest player in iran he is also the youngest MVP and Golden Glove winner and Rookie of the year. he won his first Golden Glove in 2021 and then in 2023 Behnam Ghasemi also became MVP in 2022.This means that he has won a title every season since he made his debut to SMBL

?Is This a Record

Youngest person to win any of this titles before him was Mehran Sajadpour who became Rookie of the year when he was 24 and the youngest MVP before him was Abtin Nakhjavan and he was 29 when he won his title

Behnam Ghasemi’s coach is Mehrdad Hajian who is a former Boston College player back in 80s and he is a huge Red Sox fan,he believes that behnam is all about Focus and Hard Work

he said ” This boy is Crazy,he is all about hardwork and when he focuses that hard work on a purpose he will get there.i remember him sending me a video of his swing at 4 in the morning to get my opinion on something we were working on”(in 2022)

? What We Think

behnam ghasemi N.99

Behnam Ghasemi Pre Game-Number 99

“behnam ghasemi is a new star and even if he quit today,his record and attitude will be remembered by baseball players but i don’t think that he intend to quit.i was having a conversation with him last week and he described to me what he has done in his career as his first step,a 0 to 1 step, and i believes he has just began and have a long way to go.i don’t know what is his purpose and final goal,but i wish him luck and i hope we can help him along in his path,Hard work and training with the best Iranian and International coaches available in Iran is what makes him great.Andrea D’auria was right,Behnam is taking baseball to another level” said by Pedram Malmir, CEO at ParsiPowder

He will be in ParsiPowder studio this Monday for some photo shoots and we are already exited!

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